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Our traders at our Forex Trading Floors in Billericay use LMAX Exchange for their chosen Broker and we would highly recommend this broker to new or existing traders not only for their ability to cater to traders looking to trade on the lower time frames with very small spreads but for their professional but friendly customer service. When you are looking for targets of only seven pips you cant afford to pay 2-3 pip spreads. LMAX spread on cable 0.3pips, EURUSD 0.2 pips. That is less than half a pip!! have a look at the platform and follow the link at the bottom to open an account. Your business overhead is your spread and the cost of a trade.

There are many reasons to use LMAX as your regular broker and the team at Forex Trading Floors understand that that if you are looking for a Broker it can become a bit of a mine field by the many brokers out there. So we aim to give you some insight as to why we choose LMAX as our recommended broker.

A Unique Vision for Global FX trading

LMAX Exchange who is based in London (London Multi Asset Exchange) is the first Multilateral Trading Facility ( MTF) for FX, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. LMAX is established to deliver the benefits of exchange quality execution to both buy-side & sell-side trading institutions.

LMAX Exchange delivering exchange quality execution

The "exchange" model is an efficient and cost effective way to trade very liquid products like FX. In an industry currently driven by regulatory reforms, the LMAX Exchange vision is to deliver transparent, neutral, level playing field to all participants in the FX market.

LMAX Exchange - the solution to current FX industry challenges 

The LMAX MTF structure and exchange quality execution business model provides the solutions to two key industry challenges:

Lack of transparency of the true cost of OTC traded FX

The LMAX Exchange order book is driven only by streaming limit-orders from top tier banks and proprietary trading firms, ensuring that true transaction costs are known.

• Lack of precise, consistent and reliable FX trade execution

LMAX Exchange order matching is on a strict price/time priority basis with no 'last look' or rejections, providing consistent & reliable trade execution.

LMAX Exchange - institutional FX trading excellence

For broker/dealers, proprietary trading firms, corporate and institutional asset managers, the combination of LMAX Exchange unique business model with trading technology excellence, ensures full pre and post-trade transparency, precision execution and neutrality - helping optimise FX trading strategies.

LMAX Exchange - award-winning FX trading technology

Another reason for choosing LMAX is that it has been recognised for excellence and innovation by the FX industry’s most prestigious awards. 

2014 Best FX Trading Venue – ECN/MTF – WSL Institutional Trading Awards
2014 Best Infrastructure/Technology Initiative by Exchange/ATS – WSL Institutional Trading Awards 2013 #15 Fastest Growing Tech Company in the UK – Sunday Times Tech Track 100 
2013 Best Overall Testing Project in Finance – The European Software Testing Awards (TESTA) 
2013 Best Margin Sector Platform – Profit & Loss Readers' Choice Awards 
2013 Best FX Trading Platform - ECN/MTF – WSL Institutional Trading Awards 
2013 Best Execution Venue – Forex Magnates 
2011 Best Trading System – Financial Sector Technology Awards 
2011 Innovative Programming Framework – Oracle Duke's Choice Awards

The venue where no ‘last look’ is standard

LMAX Exchange delivers the unique benefits of exchange quality execution, complete pre and post-trade transparency and a secure, level playing field for all FX market participants.
For Broker Dealers, proprietary trading firms, CTAs, corporates and institutional asset managers - our open order book, direct and anonymous market access and instantaneous trading on live, streaming limit-orders with no 'last look’, enables precise trade execution and transparent cost of trade.

LMAX Exchange - key trading advantages

• Pre and post-trade clarity
• Open order book - full market depth (via FIX)
• Strict price/time priority matching system
• Streaming FX limit-order liquidity from top tier banks and exclusive trading firms
• No ‘last look’ or rejections
• Complete trading anonymity
• Complete range of clearing solutions

LMAX Exchange technology excellence - key statistics

• Average trade latency is 4 ms how we measure trade latency
• Average MTF latency is 0.5 ms how we measure MTF latency
• Sustained processing capacity 5k orders/second or 400 million orders/day
• LMAX Exchange uptime learn more
LMAX Exchange - industry compliant for seamless integration
• Connectivity: Cross connect at Equinix LD4/5, PoP at Interxion, Extranet and Internet
• Access: API (Java & .Net), FIX 4.4, Web GUI, Mobile, MT4/5 Bridges, MultiCharts
LMAX Exchange - instruments
• 67 Spot FX pairs view instrument list
• Bullion, equity indices and commodities view instrument list
• Volume based commission discounts available

If you are interested in LMAX or would like to open an account please visit LMAX EXCHANGE.


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