About Forex Trading Floors

Forex Trading Floors is an exclusive members only trading floors in Billericay Essex. The new trading floors are set in a tranquil setting. The company was set up in September 2012 and was created as a professional trading environment for individual traders trading their own accounts in all asset classes.

Forex Trading Floors is fashioned to replicate an investment bank's trading floor and offers two different trading stations, constant news updates, high-tech computer equipment, and a close relationship with brokers who offer us super fast execution coupled with low spreads. 

Andrew Argent, the director of The Forex Trading Floors Ltd and an individual trader himself, realised that trading from home was not for him. After finishing a forex trading course and spending time with traders in London, he researched the local areas for a trading floor or arcade from which to trade the financial markets with like-minded people. Realising that there were no local trading floors he then set up a private trading floor in Brentwood Essex from which traders could become members and benefit from group trading.

In June 2015 the building that Forex Trading Floors Ltd occupied was sold to developers and the trading floor moved to Billericay in Essex.

Andrew Argent firmly believes that the most productive action you can take as an aspiring trader is to interact with other traders. Most traders who trade at home cease trading due to lack of inspiration, loneliness and multiple distractions. The Forex Trading Floor concept eliminates these problems associated with trading and enhances success rates.




If you trade the financial markets and would like to join the traders at Forex Trading Floors, please click on the link below to contact us and arrange a visit.


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